Japanese Language Education Association (JLEA) is the unit within JASTECA which serves as the pioneer organization in Sri Lanka disseminating the Japanese Language to Sri Lankans. JLEA has been carrying out this service for nearly 20years. Japanese and Sri Lankan teachers, with highest Japanese proficiency, are engaged by JLEA in conducting week day and weekend classes spanning for about six months duration (80 hours) in 8 categories from basic to advanced levels. JLEA conducts Japanese Language classes to about 800 students yearly. The close association JASTECA has with the Embassy of Japan and the Japan Foundation has given high credence to the Japanese language classes conducted by the JLEA. The Japan Foundation conducts Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) internationally to judge the Japanese Language skills of foreign personnel. This examination is held twice a year worldwide on the first Sunday in July and on the first Sunday in December every year. In Sri Lanka, JLEA is the sole authority to hold this examination twice a year under the stringent rules and practices monitored by representatives of the Embassy of Japan and the Japan Foundation. The classes conducted by JLEA are considered a gateway for Sri Lankans to go to Japan for higher studies or job training. Even the Japanese companies in Sri Lanka are anxious to employ personnel with Japanese Language knowledge which could be an advantage for the students learning in JLEA.

JLEA  PROGRAMMES – 2015/2016


JLEA is recognized as the best preforming Japanese Language Institute in Sri Lanka. Annually 800 students register for Japanese Language programmes and there are 11 qualified teachers at the Institute. 

  • Sinhala New Year Festival – May 2015
  • Examination for Japanese University Admission (EJU) 2015 – 1st Session; June 2015 (31 Candidates) – Conducted by the Japan Student Services Organization (JASSO)
  • Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) – July 2015 (1443 Candidates) – Conducted by the Japan Foundation
  • Examination for Japanese University Admission (EJU) 2015 – 2nd Session; November 2015 (27 Candidates)
  • Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) – December 2015 – 2nd Session; (1908 Candidates)
    28th Japanese Language Speech Contest – February 2016 (44 Participants)

For further information about JLEA, classes, examination application forms etc please contact the Administration Manager, on 011-2331894 or on E-mail – jleagen@gmail.com